Take control of your business

How would you feel if your business ran on auto-pilot? Playbook allows you to design, manage, and enhance your business processes.

When would be a good time to improve your process management? Now.

Playbook helps you to turn your business into a predictable machine, allowing you to focus your energy on strategy & growth.

Built for your flexible processes

  • Checklists & Forms

    Build your process with a combination of tasks and forms(which are embeddable within tasks).

  • Dynamic Due Dates

    Setup processes with task-specific due dates that change based on the execution time of other tasks and /or the activation of the process.

  • Recurring or Manual Activation

    Manually trigger and customize your processes on an as-needed basis or set them up using the Playbook's custom recurring scheduler.

Dynamic form component

Conditional Logic. Included.

Most other software tools that offer conditional logic make it available to you at higher tier. Not Plabook!

  • Rules-Based Task Display

    Show or hide process tasks based on a flexible set of rules. Rules are built around form components that you use in your processes.

Conditional Logic

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